We want bag limits!

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It’s time, in fact it’s well past time that meaningful regulations are enacted to protect our near shore resources in Hawaii. The current fishing regulations are a slap in the face to our already depleted fish stocks. No bag limits, size limits that don’t allow fish to reach sexual maturity for breeding, it’s no wonder why our fish stocks are in a dismal and constant downward spiral.

Published in the Star Advertiser’s “Letters to the Editor.”

When the fisherman is asking for increased regulation, you know there is a problem.

Enough with the complacency, red tape and outright neglect from agencies and government officials who we elected to help maintain and improve our resources. Now we ask them to do their job in helping our future generations by creating bag limits for near shore regulated species.
Please call the Governor, Neil Abercrombie at 808-586-0034 and let him know we will no longer stand by and watch as our fisheries continue to decline. We need bag limits and we need them now.






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