We use the best and only the best! Aimrite Spearfishing builds the most durable and accurate Carbon Fiber/Kevlar railguns in the world. They are local and they guarantee their guns FOR LIFE!  The Aimrite ProComp is the best railgun in the world and we teach you how to use it like a professional. It’s yours to use here at Spearfish Maui!

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We provide 3mm Shorty wetsuits.  The water temperature in Hawaii averages 73-78 degrees. This may sound fairly warm to some people, but anytime you introduce the body to a cooler environment it starts to draw warmth from your body and increase metabolic burn rate therefore sapping critical energy from your body.  This will lead to decreased breath hold times as your heart rate increases to keep your body warm.  The 3mm Shorty wetsuits help keep your core temperature stable and maintain critical energy levels, making for a more enjoyable and comfortable freediving and spearfishing experience.

-Weight Belt-

We provide a Marseilles style Spearfish Maui weight belt.  Marseilles style weight belts are the safest style of weight belt in the world since the buckle is a quick release style. The advantages of a rubber belt for freediving and spearfishing is that it can be tightened to the point of not sliding up and down the torso during descents and ascents due to the repeated compression and expansion cycles of our wetsuit and body.  The Marseilles style weight belt will also not impede breathing because it’s flexible and stretches with the expanding torso.  A quality rubber weight belt has the correct balance between flexibility and stiffness.  A weight belt should hold weights firmly against the body (doesn’t sag away from the body), but also maintain flexibility to allow your torso to flex and stretch when breathing in.  The Spearfish Maui weight belt is ideal in terms of stiffness and flexibility. The belt can be tightened so the weights stay put, and comfort is maintained.  Someone who tried diving with a rubber belt will never go back to nylon webbing.


Masks are one of the most important pieces of gear for the freediver and spearo. It should be low volume and non-purge valved. It is absolutely essential since your only air available to equalize mask-squeeze is the precious air in your lungs!  Low volume masks have been designed to have very little space between a diver’s face and the mask glass. This means they hold very little air, which can be a huge advantage. Low volume masks require less air to equalize and clear.

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With so many different snorkels on the market these days it can get confusing.  Dry valve, double valve, purge valve, double purge, floaty flappy thingy…We strongly believe in the K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) method when it comes to snorkels.  The “dry valve” on the top of those fancy snorkels will often times slam close as a wave passes by therefore cutting your inhalation short.  The “purge valve” on the bottom of the fancy snorkel will often times get a grain of sand or debris in there and leak.  If your in the market for a good snorkel there’s only two words you need to know, “J-Tube.”  And that is exactly what we use here at Spearfish Maui.  Simple, effective and they cost all of $5.



We use a full foot pocket intermediate freedive/snorkeling fin here at Spearfish Maui.  These fins have soft “user friendly” foot pockets that will not blister or cut into your feet like many of the “rental” type fins you will find at dive shops.  The fins are also a bit longer than the traditional scuba or snorkel type fin you will find at the dive shops.  This longer type of fin will allow more thrust per kick and helps keep your heart rate low with less effort kicking.